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Title: Nathan Tobias Coleman
'Mill's "social tyranny

'The duty to miscegenate', which I shall defend in April 2013, I argue for  
three assertions. First, so-called 'anti-miscegenation laws' in the  
USA 'strengthen[ed] the social stigma' (Mill 1859: 2.19) assigned to  
women-racialised-as-black—a stigma that continues to exert over them 'a  
social tyranny' (1859: 1.5). Second, social stigmatisation can and should  
be prevented by our sharing meals together, regularly and frequently, as 'a  
foundation for solid friendship' (Mill 1869: 4.16). Third,  
persons-racialised-as-white do not have 'a right to avoid' (1859: 4.5)  
sharing meals, regularly and frequently, with persons-racialised-as-black.
When: Mon 25 Feb 2013 13:00 – 14:30 Eastern Time - Melbourne, Sydney
Where: University of Sydney, Philosophy Common room
Calendar: Current Projects
     * kristiemiller4 at gmail.com- creator

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