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Title: Hallie LIberto
The Exploitation Solution to the Non-Identity Problem

When investigating the nature of the wrong involved in exploitation, we  
often hear people say things like this, “sweatshop laborers have terrible  
working conditions and are paid almost nothing, but they are better off  
with that labor than with no labor.” Similarly, when investigating the  
nature of the wrong involved in Non-Identity Problem cases, philosophers  
like Derek Parfit point out: It seems like we do wrong to future  
generations when we destroy the environment, but we can’t say that the  
individuals born in future generations are worse off because of these bad  
choices because the particular people living in those future generations  
wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for these bad choices! This paper  
investigates the link between the wrong of exploitation and the  
Non-Identity Problem and ultimately offers a new solution to the latter.  
Much like the “rights” solution to the non-identity problem, the  
exploitation solution proposes a wrong that is not a harm. However, the  
exploitation solution does not need to contend with some of the objections  
faced by the “rights” solution.
When: Mon 18 Feb 2013 13:00 – 14:30 Eastern Time - Melbourne, Sydney
Where: University of Sydney philosophy common room
Calendar: Current Projects
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