[SydPhil] Meetup presentation. A Brief History of Economics’ Crises of Philosophy by Joffre Balce

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Meetup presentation

Economics may be considered the driver of interactions and
activities in which humans engage. While we cannot deny the role of beliefs and
individual’s or territorial demands, economics goes beyond the fulfillment of
basic needs, which are implied through history in the concept of the
administration of scarce resources and the constant fear of the potential consequence
of financial hardship. 
While this role of Economics is taken for granted, modern life
shows us that some ulterior motives and artificial necessities are added to the
alleged dilemma of the careful handling of resources. Artificial constructs are
spread around us developing a false perception of newer needs. 
These two orientations of the fulfillment of basic needs and the
pursuit of new artificial ones are put together under the name of Economics; and
creates a whole new world of interactions and conflicts among us.
A Brief History of Economics’
Crises of Philosophy
The discussion will be on the turning points in the history
of economics thought from the prehistory & cradles of civilization to the
current global crisis by reflecting upon the responses of the discipline to the
challenges of their times. It will attempt to evoke questions on the very
purpose of economics – its identity & role in humanity's search for its own
purpose & fulfillment, if it has any or if society wishes it to assume one.
Lastly, the talk will highlight the importance of discerning essential economic
principles from everyday, ordinary life instead of cracking the seeming complex
codes of the textbooks & technical papers.
Joffre Balcehas been an economist with work experiences in the sectors of
academe, government, corporate & civil society. He has been active in
applied research on regulation & policy in the areas of banking, finance,
investment, financial restructuring, cooperative enterprise, international
development, sustainability & social justice in Asia, North America &
Western Europe & Australia. Currently, he is in the Executive Committee of
the Association for Good Government of NSW, a non-profit, non-stock
organization dedicated to education in political economy for social justice
& human development.

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