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Please find below information about the November series of Dissertation Reviews which may be of interest to fellow members of the SydPhil list.



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Dissertation Reviews ( http://dissertationreviews.org/ ) features
friendly, non-critical overviews of recently defended and unpublished
dissertations, as well as articles on archives and libraries around the
world. The following is a list of the posts from the Science Studies,
Medical Anthropology and Bioethics series for November 2012.

[Science Studies, Southeast Asia]   Wan Faizah Wan Yusoff, "Malay
Responses to the Promotion of Western Medicine, with Particular
Reference to Women and Child Healthcare in the Federated Malay States,
1920-1939" (SOAS, University of London, 2010), reviewed by Hans Pols
(University of Sydney)

[Science Studies]   Perrin Selcer, "Patterns of Science: Developing
Knowledge for a World Community at UNESCO" (University of Pennsylvania,
2011), reviewed by Poul Duedahl (Aalborg University)

[Bioethics]   Nathan Emmerich, "Taking Education Seriously: Developing
Bourdieauan Social Theory in the Context of Teaching and Learning
Medical Ethics in the UK Undergraduate Medical Degree" (Queen's
University Belfast, 2011), reviewed by Sara Donetto (King's College London)

[Science Studies]   Joline Zepcevski, "Complexity and Verification: The
History of Programming as Problem Solving" (University of Minnesota,
2012), reviewed by Christine Aicardi (University College London)

[South Asia, Science Studies]   Michael Slouber, "Garuda Medicine: A
History of Snakebite and Religious Healing in South Asia" (University of
California, Berkeley, 2012), reviewed by Dagmar Wujastyk (Zurich University)

[Science Studies, Bioethics]   Kris Weller, "Defining Human: Species,
Sanity, and Legal Subjecthood" (University of California, Santa Cruz,
2010), reviewed by Rui Sa (Universidade Nova de Lisboa)

[Bioethics, Science Studies]   Benjamin Hurlbut, "Experiments in
Democracy: The Science, Politics and Ethics of Human Embryo Research in
the United States, 1978-2007" (Harvard University, 2010), reviewed by
Thomas Banchoff (Georgetown University)

[Science Studies]   Hector Vera, "The Social Life of Measures:
Metrication in the United States and Mexico, 1789-2004" (New School of
Social Research, 2011), reviewed by Miruna Achim (Universidad Autonoma

[Science Studies]   Daniel Margocsy, "Commercial Visions: Trading with
Representations of Nature in Early Modern Netherlands" (Harvard
University, 2009), reviewed by Alix Cooper (SUNY-Stony Brook)

[Talking Shop, Medical Anthro]   Dori Beeler (Durham University),
"Phenomenology and Medical Anthropology"

[Archives Review, Science Studies]   Kristen Ehrenberger (University of
Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), review of the Dresden City Archive
(Stadtarchiv Dresden), Dresden, Germany

[Archives Review, Science Studies]   Kristen Ehrenberger (University of
Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), review of the German National Library
(Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, DNB), Leipzig, Germany

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