[SydPhil] Presentation-“Freedom of speech– the good, the bad and the philosopher” 4 December 2012, 1900 hrs. Imperial Hotel Paddington.

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Dear members of The Philosophers’ Corner:
Given the recent postings in the media about the quality of the comments in the political arena in Australia. The Philosophers’ Corner has planned a presentation to talk about the need for freedom of speech as a basic need for democratic values. The ethics of public speech should be argued as a requirement to guarantee that the elected governors of a country should have in order to properly govern and administer the limited resources of nation for the common welfare of the people who have chosen them for this role. Should you think that the focus of politics in Australia be redirected to defend the main interests of the citizens of the country and to abandon the nonrelated theatrical discussions between politicians come a issue your opinion.
“Freedom of speech– the good, the bad and the philosopher”Ukrainian born essayist Aleksandr Zablotskii presents a brief insight into the controversial topic of free speech, in both local and international contexts.
The presentation will focus on the difficulty in discussing freedom of speech in political discourse, the conflicts inherent within differing approaches to its principles, and the importance of its protection in modern democracies. I will discuss the issues facing societies and legislative bodies both locally and abroad, and explore some of the philosophical pitfalls that emerge when engaging in such conversations.
After a brief outline of the philosophical principles concerning freedom of speech; focusing mainly on the fundamental differences between the universality of human rights and the contextual application of FOS legislation; I will argue that the freedom to criticise, contradict, challenge and mock the views of others is vital to sustain a democracy.
Please, remember that a voluntary gold coin donation will be asked at the beginning in order to support this group, though it is not compulsory, this will show your good will to continue promoting the activities of your group.
Also, be aware that photographs, video and/or sound recording make take place during the presentation and that this content may be posted in our friendly and safe website of Meetup for our own enjoyment and friendly interaction.
After the presentation and discussion finish, we will continue a more relax conversation down in the ground floor where we can order some diner and something to drink.
Jes (Founder of The Philosophers' Corner)


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