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Title: Tobias Mueller
"Physics and its Significance for Philosophy of Time - Some Alternative  

Since physics in philosophical discussions is often either neglected or  
taken as instance that provides the fundamental ontological ground it is  
the aim of the paper to present some considerations that point to the fact  
that things are more complicated and that a differentiated point of view of  
the status of physics will also offer more options in the discussions on  
For this purpose the paper is divided into three sections. First I would  
like to present some considerations coming from philosophy of science which  
show that physics depends on some methodological assumptions that on the  
one hand guarantee the big success of physics but on the other hand put  
some constraints on the scope of physics. These considerations are relevant  
for the status of time reversibility in physics.
Secondly I will point to some phenomena within physics which seem to  
require a distinct arrow of time. And thirdly I will shift the focus to a  
mostly neglected presupposition of physics as a scientific practice  
implying the conditions of gaining rational knowledge.
When: Mon 26 Nov 13:00 – 14:30 Eastern Time - Melbourne, Sydney
Where: Philosophy Common Room, Main Quad, USyd
Calendar: Current Projects
     * kristiemiller4 at gmail.com- creator

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