[SydPhil] First Person Perspectives Workshop 26 November

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Wed Nov 21 11:20:35 AEDT 2012

First Person Perspectives Workshop

*Monday – 26 November 2012*

11am – 4pm

Education Seminar Room *435*

Sponsored by the Department of Philosophy, University of Sydney

*Organized by Paul Redding and Dalia Nassar*

All are welcome


*Session 1:*

11.00–11.30: Pierre-Jean Renaudie, "First-person Descriptions and the
Expressive Fallacy: Remarks on Sellars and Husserl"

11.30-12.00: Talia Morag, “Moran on Avowal: the Case of Emotion”

12.00 – 12.45: Discussion

*12.45 – 2.00: lunch break*

*Session 2:*

2.00-2.20: David Macarthur, “The Importance of the Second-Person in
Austin’s Epistemology”

2.20-2.40: Jakob Ziguras, “Plotinus on Intellection; or, Why the
First-person Perspective is not ‘Subjective’”

 2.40–3.00: Paul Redding, “First- and Third-person Conceptions of
Intentionality in Kant and Hegel”

3:00-4:00: Discussion

4.00 Finish
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