[SydPhil] Vikki Entwistle: Doing Philosophy with Clinicians and Patients

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 Macquarie University Centre for Agency, Ethics and Values


*Doing philosophy with clinicians and patients: reflections on a ‘knowledge
exchange’ project*

*Professor Vikki Entwistle*

Professor of Values in Health Care, University of Dundee

*When:* Tuesday 27 November 2012 at 3.30 pm

*Where:* W6A Room 708, Macquarie campus

*Vikki Entwistle writes:*

In this seminar I will discuss my experiences of a small project that was
commissioned by a charitable trust that works to improve the quality of
health care to explore “philosophical issues in the co-production of
health”. My co-investigator and I approached the trust with the notions
that (a) some of the prevailing ways of thinking about how clinicians and
people with long term health conditions do and should work together were
not adequate to support the kinds of quality improvement that the
charitable trust (and others) aspired to and (b) ideas from philosophical
work on relational accounts of autonomy and on capabilities might support
the development of more useful ways of thinking. The project involved a
combination of research scholarship, philosophical analyses and
conversational engagement with people who provide, support and experience
healthcare services relating to the management of long term health
conditions. We enjoyed the process and think we will deliver ‘products’
that both we and the commissioning organisations can be pleased with, but
there are a number of uncertainties and issues with this way of working. I
hope that discussion of these uncertainties and issues during the seminar
will allow us all to develop our understanding of ‘applying’ philosophy for
public good.

*About Vikki Entwistle:*

Vikki has a longstanding interest in the contributions that people make,
and are encouraged to make, to the quality and safety of their own
healthcare. She has been at the forefront of developments in thinking about
key issues relating to ‘person centred care’, including informing people
about the effectiveness of interventions and involving individuals in
treatment decision-making, in the management of their long term conditions,
and in efforts to secure their safety as they use services. Vikki’s
research draws on approaches and insights from philosophy as well as social
science, and is strongly orientated to inform healthcare policy and
practice. She has published over 100 academic papers, and from 2007-2010
was Editor of *Health Expectations: an international journal of public
participation in health care and health policy.*

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