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Please find below information about Dissertation Reviews, a site which may be of interest to fellow members of SydPhil.



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Dissertation Reviews ( http://dissertationreviews.org/ ) features
friendly, non-critical overviews of recently defended and unpublished
dissertations, as well as articles on archives and libraries around
the world. The following is a list of the posts from the Science
Studies, Medical Anthropology and Bioethics series for October 2012.

[Bioethics]   JES HARFELD, "The Question of the Farm Animal: Welfare,
Ethics, and Public Policy in Modern Animal Agriculture" (Aarhus
University 2010), reviewed by Chris Degeling (University of Sydney)

[Science Studies]   JENNIFER RAMPLING, "The Alchemy of George Ripley,
1470-1700" (University of Cambridge 2009), reviewed by Peter Grund
(University of Kansas)

[Science Studies, Medical Anthropology]   ALINA BACIU, "Biopolitics
and the Influenza Pandemics of 1918 and 2009 in the United States:
Power, Immunity, and the Law" (George Washington University 2010),
reviewed by Mark Honigsbaum (University of Zurich)

[Archives Reviews, Science Studies]   JAMES POSKETT (University of
Cambridge), review of the Wellcome Archives, London, United Kingdom

[Science Studies]   XAQ FROHLICH, "Accounting for Taste: Regulating
Food Labeling in the 'Affluent Society', 1945-1995" (MIT 2011),
reviewed by Andrew Ruis (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

[Bioethics, Medical Anthropology]   CHEN-I KUAN, "Debates on Gender
and Technology: Cesarean Births in Taiwan" (Syracuse University 2011),
reviewed by Nathan Emmerich (Queen’s University Belfast)

[Talking Shop, Science Studies]   EFRAM SERA-SHRIAR (York University,
Toronto), "Anthropometric Photography, Questionnaires and the
Victorian Age"

[Science Studies]   TULLEY LONG, "Constituting the Stress Response:
Collaborative Networks and the Elucidation of the Pituitary-Adrenal
Cortical System, 1930s-1960s" (Johns Hopkins University 2011),
reviewed by Lea Haller (ETH Zurich)

[Science Studies]   SOPHIA DAVIS, "'Britain an Island Again': Nature,
the Military, and Popular Views of the British Countryside,
c.1930-1965" (University of Cambridge 2010), reviewed by Andrew
Whitehouse (University of Aberdeen)

[Science Studies]   JACOB STEERE-WILLIAMS, "The Perfect Food and the
Filth Disease: Milk, Typhoid Fever, and the Science of State Medicine
in Victorian Britain, 1850-1900" (University of Minnesota, 2011),
reviewed by Peter Atkins (Durham University)

[Science Studies]   KORAY KARACA, "Historical and Conceptual
Foundations of the Higher Dimensional Unification Program in Physics"
(Indiana University 2010), reviewed by Aaron Sidney Wright (University
of Toronto)

[Archives Reviews, Science Studies]   KRISTEN EHRENBERGER (University
of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), review of the Federal Film Archive
(Bundesfilmarchiv), Berlin, Germany

[Talking Shop, Medical Anthropology]   NICOLA BULLED (University of
Connecticut), "Finding Your Feet in the Field: Defining Your Role as a

[Bioethics, Medical Anthropology]   MONIR MONIRUZZAMAN, "'Living
Cadavers' in Bangladesh: Ethics of the Human Organ Bazaar" (University
of Toronto 2010), reviewed by Lesley Sharp (Barnard College and
Columbia University)

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