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Dear All
The Unit for History and Philosophy of Science Research Presentation Day is to be held this Friday 2nd November
Science Meeting Room 450 - Camperdown Campus
Presentations will be made of current History and Philosophy Research being undertaken by Honours and Postgraduate students:

  *   Ted Talas                                        12.30pm
  *   Dean Lee                                        12.50pm
  *   Joel James-Hall                               1.10pm
  *   Break                                                  1.30pm

  *   Philip Crouch                                    2.00pm
  *   Ian Lawson                                       2.30pm
  *   Jenny Tomlinson                            3.00pm
  *   Megan Baumhammer                 3.30pm

  *   Tea                                                     4.00pm
KEY NOTE                                        4.30pm
John A. Schuster
Unit for History and Philosophy of Science, University of Sydney
Campion College, Sydney
"Being Historical" about Descartes and the Scientific Revolution:
The Young Historian of Science's Guide to the Terrain.

I intend to show the importance for historians of science of careful attention to the interpretative categories, models and frames of interpretation that supply the musculature of their characteristic products - narratives. Three cases will be addressed: what do we mean by 'universal, efficacious scientific method'; what do we mean by 'natural philosophy', and what do we mean by 'mathematization' in Descartes and other early Scientific Revolution figures?
Aiming mainly to inform honors and post graduate students of history of science, I shall examine how these categories previously functioned in both Scientific Revolution and Cartesian scholarship, and how and to what effect I have reconstructed them in the work leading to my recent volume, Descartes-agonistes: Physico-mathematics, Method and Corpuscular-Mechanism (Springer, October 2012)
In the course of the proceedings, the autonomy of historians' practice will be defended and elucidated - it is hoped to the benefit of the younger historians (and philosophers!) present. Additionally, certain untimely observations may be offered about the relations between history of science, on the one hand, and philosophy of science/history of philosophy, on the other.

All are very welcome of course.
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