[SydPhil] University of Sydney Postgraduate Colloquium Oct 22

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Thu Oct 18 13:07:29 AEDT 2012

Hey All,

The details for our tenth talk of semester two follow. All are welcome.

Adam Bales (Monash University)

Seller beware: Organ markets and preference change

An argument that is sometimes given in
favour of legal markets in kidneys and other organs is that such
markets benefit the vendor and buyer alike. The vendor receives
much-needed financial benefits and the buyer substantial health
benefits. In this talk, I will suggest that this argument fails as
many vendors would be better off if they refrained from selling their
organs. Specifically, I will argue that evidence from existing legal
organ markets, combined with consideration of a theory of prudential
choice due to Krister Bykvist suggests that the decision to sell an
organ is often imprudent.Talk
3pm, Mon Oct 22

Philosophy common-room, quadrangle building, University of Sydney
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