[SydPhil] Elective Affinities: October 11, 6.30 - Myth, Music and Philosophy

Goetz Richter goetz.richter at sydney.edu.au
Mon Oct 8 08:46:38 AEDT 2012

Elective Affinities: Myth, Music and Philosophy
An Interdisciplinary Inquiry into Music, Philosophy and Aesthetics 


October 11 - 6.30 pm 
Recital Hall East, Sydney Conservatorium 

Professor Rick Benitez, University of Sydney on Myth and Philosophy

What is the relation of myth to philosophy? Aristotle said that philosophy begins in wonder and that ‘hence even the myth-lover is, in a sense, a philosopher, since myths are composed of wonders’. Are myths, then, the beginning of philosophy? Are they only the beginning? The talk will explore the relationship between philosophy and myth through the Ancient Greek philosophers focussing on two different approaches to the distinction between appearance and reality, and the way that myth operates in each of the two approaches.

Liszt (arr. Saint-Saens), “Orpheus”
Schumann, “Fairy Tale Pictures” op 113
Goetz Richter, violin | Mee Na Lojewski, ‘cello
Roger Benedict, viola | Jeanell Carrigan, piano

Free Lecture and Performance


Contact: Goetz Richter
E: goetz.richter at sydney.edu.au 

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