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Hey All,

The details for our eighth talk of semester two follow. All are welcome.

Speaker: Louise Richardson-Self

Rethinking Difference

According to Luce Irigaray, difference is “still conceived of
and lived hierarchically.” This statement rings true for same-sex
couples, who predominantly remain without the right to marry. But
there is dissent among the queer community on the topic of marriage.
Some view marriage as contrary to the goal of attaining respect for
queers regardless of their (real or perceived) differences to a
heterosexual standard of normalcy. The problem, according to this
perspective, is that seeking marriage equality sends the message that
queers simply want to be 'like' normal heterosexuals, as popularly
imagined. But attaining rights due to 'likeness' is assimilative, and
does not challenge hierarchical standards by which difference is
conceived. However, Luce Irigaray’s politics of sexual difference
may be useful as the grounds which can underpin a respectful
realisation and recognition of difference. I contend that Irigaray’s
suggestion of rethinking difference in such a way as to promote
‘diversity-between’ individuals, rather than ‘difference-from’
individuals, could assist the formal legalisation of rights for
same-sex couples for the right reasons. This will include the
promotion of a conception of equivalent rights following from
Drucilla Cornell, who has already begun to adapt Irigaray’s
conception of equivalence between the two sexes to relationships
between heterosexual and queer people.
3pm, Mon Oct 08

Philosophy common-room, quadrangle building, University of Sydney
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