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History and Philosophy of Linguistics Reading group

Next meeting: Tuesday, September 25, 5.30–7pm, Woolley S361

Reading:  Meteyard, L. & Vigliocco, G. (2008) The role of Sensory and Motor Information in Semantic Representation: a review. Ch. 15 of P. Calvo & A. Gomila (Eds) Handbook of Cognitive Science: An Embodied Approach. London: Elsevier.

‘Embodied theories of cognition propose that simulation is the basis for cognitive representation. Simulation is assumed to use the same sensory-motor systems that are engaged during real experience; when this principle is applied to the representation of linguistic meaning (semantics) theories propose that semantic content is achieved by recreating, usually in weaker form, the sensory and motor information produced when the referent of a word or sentence is actually experienced.’

Reading available by signing up to http://hplinguistics.pbworks.com.

Enquiries: nick.riemer at sydney.edu.au

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