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Hey All,

The details for our seventh talk of semester two follow. All are welcome.

Andrew Donnelly

 Title: Does the conscience pre-empt?

In this paper I argue in favour of two closely related theses
concerning the connection between conscience and practical
rationality: The first is a conceptual thesis; the second is a
synthetic or ontological thesis.  The conceptual thesis holds
that the conscience claims to give pre-emptive reasons for action;
the conscience claims to operate in practical deliberation by
excluding and replacing competing reasons.  The synthetic thesis
holds that the conscience does, in fact, give pre-emptive reasons for
action; conscience does as it claims to do.  My argument in
support of these two theses draws heavily on Joseph Raz’s analysis
of pre-emptive reasons.  I defend both these theses against an
objection from corrupted conscience. This objection holds that the
conscience cannot and does not pre-empt because otherwise those with
a corrupt conscience (such as, perhaps, Nazi leaders) will have no
reason to act against their conscience. Talk
3pm, Mon Sep 17

Philosophy common-room, quadrangle building, University of Sydney
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