[SydPhil] Wednesday 15 August 5:00 pm - Science as a "tool" & Science as a "truth" - with Professor John Schuster (University of Sydney)

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Ian Jacobs

> RSVP To book go to
> www.cues.org.au
> $20 includes cocktails before the Forum and Discussion/Questions


                                      *15 August 2012
5:00pm* - Cocktails
*5:20 - 6:20PM* - Forum
*6:20 - 6:30PM* - Questions *ORD MINNETT*
Level 8, NAB House
255 George Street,

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> CBD Chabad CUES (Centre for Universal Ethics and Society)
> together with Ord Minnett are proud to invite you to a forum entitled:
> Science as a "tool" and Science as a "truth"
> The great assistance which science affords humanity, in its practical
> ability here and now to supply human needs and accomplish technical feats,
> is beyond dispute. At the same time the global, overarching and cosmic
> claims of science become issues of political dispute:
> Was the world created or is it an extension
> (even via a big bang) of pre-existing matter?
> Does the structure of the universe demonstrate a spiritual
> logic or does it represent the play of autonomous forces?
> In this forum, perspectives on the nature and truth of science will be
> presented by
> *Professor John Schuster,* a distinguished scholar in the History and
> Philosophy of Science, and *Rabbi Dr Shimon Cowen*, Director of the
> Institute for Judaism and Civilization.
> Please see below for a short blurb on the speakers.
> For more information please email admin at cues.org.au
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>   *15 August 2012
> 5:00pm* - Cocktails
> *5:20 - 6:20PM* - Forum
> *6:20 - 6:30PM* - Questions *ORD MINNETT*
> Level 8, NAB House
> 255 George Street,
> Sydney $20 -
> To book go to
> www.cues.org.au     [image: Business Tips]<https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?ui=2&view=js&name=main,tlist&ver=RecewwdOBt0.en_GB.&am=!vdh9yoCa0wpBBO16zY7kYaWgctsiXn-uhrm1_qTK8CwmoXolpPoPQLmpK7Kq5-uPiVTPPHc#1391a6ef2d388406_1391a6a53dc2fa58_1391a5e49d619ab4_138c6918d727bf03_>
> Professor John A. Schuster<https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?ui=2&view=js&name=main,tlist&ver=RecewwdOBt0.en_GB.&am=!vdh9yoCa0wpBBO16zY7kYaWgctsiXn-uhrm1_qTK8CwmoXolpPoPQLmpK7Kq5-uPiVTPPHc#1391a6ef2d388406_1391a6a53dc2fa58_1391a5e49d619ab4_138c6918d727bf03_>Dr
> John Schuster is an Honorary Fellow at the Unit for History & Philosophy of
> Science and Centre for the Foundations of Science, University of Sydney;
> and Honorary Fellow at Campion College. He is the author of major studies
> in his field and has taught internationally including at Cambridge and
> Princeton Universities. An associate of several academic institutions, he
> continues actively to write and publish. He is a world authority on tha
> natural-philosophical and mathematical and scientific writings of Descartes.
>   [image: Life Style]<https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?ui=2&view=js&name=main,tlist&ver=RecewwdOBt0.en_GB.&am=!vdh9yoCa0wpBBO16zY7kYaWgctsiXn-uhrm1_qTK8CwmoXolpPoPQLmpK7Kq5-uPiVTPPHc#1391a6ef2d388406_1391a6a53dc2fa58_1391a5e49d619ab4_138c6918d727bf03_>
> Rabbi Dr. Shimon Cowen<https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?ui=2&view=js&name=main,tlist&ver=RecewwdOBt0.en_GB.&am=!vdh9yoCa0wpBBO16zY7kYaWgctsiXn-uhrm1_qTK8CwmoXolpPoPQLmpK7Kq5-uPiVTPPHc#1391a6ef2d388406_1391a6a53dc2fa58_1391a5e49d619ab4_138c6918d727bf03_>Rabbi
> Dr Shimon Cowen, son of former Governor General of Australia, Sir
> Zelman Cowen, established the Institute for Judaism and Civilization in
> 1998. Its mission is to explore the interface of Judaism and the general
> ethical tradition from Sinai at the root of the world cultures with the
> culture and sciences of contemporary society. His most recent focus has
> been on the application of universal ethics in the tradition from Sinai to
> questions of contemporary politics and society. His latest book, Politics
> and Universal Ethics, received bipartisan launches from members of the NSW,
> Victorian and Tasmanian parliaments.
>    What is CUES?CUES - Centre for Universal Ethics and Society - is
> concerned with the ethical horizons of public policy and corporate conduct
> from the perspective of universal ethics. Universal ethics is the code of
> fundamental shared values found at the root of the world religions and
> cultures. The aim of CUES is to encourage and foster the ideals of honesty,
> integrity and social responsibility by promoting the study of universal
> ethical principles, personal virtue, and moral leadership.
> Activities and EventsCBD Chabad CUES runs seminars and courses with high
> profile speakers. These events range from major evening seminars and
> dinners to more intimate boardroom seminars and business lunches with guest
> speakers.  *CUES - *CBD Chabad Centre for Universal Ethics and Society
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