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Title: Katia Vavova
Easy Knowledge, Junk Knowledge:
Knowledge Nonetheless

Ekaterina Vavova
Mount Holyoke College

I will argue that we should separate the rules of reason from the  
conditions of knowledge so that merely having met the latter for some  
belief does not suffice for being permitted to use that belief in  
reasoning. This will have some controversial results. In particular,  
knowing that p won’t guarantee being justified or rational in believing p,  
being able to defend what we know, or being able to expand our knowledge  
through reasoning. On this view mere knowledge will often be junk  
knowledge: we won’t be able to use it in all of the ways and for all of the  
purposes that we always thought, or hoped, we could. Knowledge will be thus  
far less powerful or interesting than many currently take it to be. But it  
will also be less problematic. The result is an extreme sort of externalism  
for knowledge which is virtually free of normativity, and an internalist  
conception of rationality chock full of it. I show that this position is  
far more plausible than it might initially seem, and motivate it further by  
arguing that it helps negotiate an old and familiar dilemma in a new and  
unusual way.
When: Mon 13 Aug 13:00 – 14:30 Eastern Time - Melbourne, Sydney
Where: Philosophy Common Room, Main Quad, A 14, University of Sydney
Calendar: Current Projects
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