[SydPhil] University of Sydney Postgraduate Colloquium Paper - Jun 04

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Thu May 31 21:57:59 AEST 2012

Hey All,
Here are
the details for next week's talk. This will be the final talk for this semester.

Speaker: Johann Hariman

Title: A Ground-Theoretic Approach to the Fundamentality Question

fundamentality question asks whether there is a most fundamental layer 
of reality. Cameron claims that while the prominent intuition favours an affirmative answer, convincing arguments for the affirmative answer are lacking. Cameron offers a tentative argument by appeal to theoretical utility to the effect that the affirmative answer is contingently true. This paper approaches the fundamentality question from a different angle. Rather 
than defend some answer, I frame the question ground-theoretically. I then provide a taxonomy of views that makes 
clear what theses about grounding are congenial to one answer or 


3pm, Mon Jun 04

Philosophy common-room, quadrangle building, University of Sydney
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