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There are several ways to do this.  You should look at Louviere's book on Best-Worst modeling to see some examples.  The MaxDiff approach is to generate tasks for the best choice and generate tasks for the worst choice.  You use dummy or effects coding for the items in the tasks.  The best tasks are all coded normally.  The worst tasks have all their dummy or effects coded values multiplied by -1.  If you wish to use the best worst coding then the best alternative is dropped from the generated worst tasks.

Tom Eagle

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I am wondering how the 'worst' choices are dealt with in estimation.  Is the 'reverse' logit applied to the worst choices, so the error term is multiplied by -1 and the best and worst choice specification is strictly consistent, or is the more usual 'stacked' approach taken, where marginal utilities of the 'worst' are flipped, but not the error term?

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