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Thanks Dr. Greene. Appreciate the quick response. My mistake in outlining the issue. You are right. It is a discrete choice  problem with endogenous right hand side continuous variable. 
FIML helped to resolve the issue. The technical details in the manual were helpful to comprehend the underlying analysis. I also noticed STATA uses the FIML under IVREGRESS when in reality this is not an instrument variable approach. 

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Control function approach.  Add generalized residual,
(y2 - Xp)/sigma2  to first equation.  You need exclusions from first equation to identify system.  First equation is incorrect.  Categorical variable is not a
linear function of RHS variables.   Use a discrete choice model for y1.
that y1 equals values is the function modeled.  There is also a FIML approach if
(u1,v2) joint normal, but you need to specify equation properly, as noted.
/B. Greene

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> Hi - I wanted to check if anyone knew how to solve for triangular 
> simultaneous equations in Limdep.
> My equations are as follows -
> Y1 = Y2θ +Xβ +u1 (1)
> Y2 = Xπ +v2 (2)
> Y1  is categorical and Y2 are continuous. Correlation of (u1,v2) is 
> not equal to 0.
> Thanks
> Sunil
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