[Limdep Nlogit List] NLOGIT Crash performing ANA using RPL

Daniele Asioli daniele.asioli at gmail.com
Thu May 24 06:43:38 AEST 2018


I am using NLOGIT 5.0 to run RPL in preference space comparing data that
does not include ANA vs. data that include ANA. The model that do
not include ANA works while the model that include ANA, NLOGIT crash just
after calculation of the Starting values (MNL). However, if I do not
calculate WTP=... it works. Please, could you help me?

Here the script that crash:

**Treatment 1 - RPL model preference space considering ANA*
*Sample; all$*
*      ;Lhs=CHOICE;*
*      ;Choices=alt1,alt2,alt3;*
*      ;par  *
*      ;PDS=12*
*      ;RPL*
*      ;WTP=battpr/battpri,battca/battpri,battbi/battpri*
*      ;fcn=battpr(n),battca(n),battbi(n);*
*      ;Pts=500; *
*      ;Halton*
*      MODEL:*
*      U (alt1)=battpri*attpri+battpr*attpr+battca*attca+battbi*attbi/*
*      U (alt2)=battpri*attpri+battpr*attpr+battca*attca+battbi*attbi/*
*      U (alt3)=optout$*
*MATRIX ;List; 1/210*1'wtp_i$*
*MATRIX ;List; 1/210*1'sdwtp_i$*

All the best,


Dr. Daniele Asioli


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