[Limdep Nlogit List] Marginal Effects after Panel Data Bivariate Probit

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Does Nlogit 4 provide marginal effects after estimating RE bivariate probit?

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1.  The market shares are computed by computing and summing the
2.  The computation is not iterative.
3/4.  The parameters in an RP model are computed as they would be during the
estimation iterations.  The probabilities are simulated by drawing from the
underlying distribution.
5. Error components are handled the same as random parameters.
3/4/5.  For the simulation, the probabilities are computed as if the
likelihood were being computed - the data setup for the simulation scenario
is made immediately before the probabilities are computed - e.g., if you
specify a price to rise by 10% as the scenario, the entire data setup is
done with the original data, then immediately before computing the
probabilities, the data for the observation are suitably modified.
/Bill Greene

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> Hello,
> I'm looking for some help trying to understand how the NLOGIT 
> ;simulate subcommand works. I can't find any information in the
> In particular:
> -       How are the market shares calculated?
> -       How many iterations are used for the simulation?
> -       For random parameters, does it use conditional or unconditional
> estimates?
> -       If unconditional, does it use the mean for every observation, or
> draw randomly from the distribution?
> -       How are error components handled?
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