[Limdep Nlogit List] ";Export" issue

Matt Quaife matthew.j.quaife at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 10:44:27 AEDT 2016

Hi all,

I am having some trouble applying the ;export command, specifically the
resultant .csv file contains coefficients and standard errors etc. that are
(sometimes very) different to those presented in NLOGIT.

I am using the syntax below:


;lhs=choice, cset,alti
;tree=switch(a,b,c), noswitch(n)
;export output
etc $

In the exported file, the first attribute information appears to be
correct, however the second coefficient onwards exports incorrect
information. Example below (please excuse formatting, I am not a listserv

NLOGIT output:
        |                         Standard            Prob.      95%
  CHOICE|  Coefficient       Error       z    |z|>Z*         Interval
        |Attributes in the Utility Functions (beta)
     Att1|    -.01437         .24718     -.06  .9537     -.49884    .47011
     Att2|     .07179         .17488      .41  .6814     -.27097    .41455
     Att3|     .12039         .29830      .40  .6865     -.46427    .70505

Excel .csv output:
Variable Coeff.   Std.Err. t-ratio  P-value
Att1     -1.44E-02 0.247185 -5.81E-02 0.953656
Att2      -0.498839 0.470108 7.18E-02 0.17488
Att3     0.410522 0.681423 -0.270966 0.41455

Advice much appreciated.

Best wishes

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