[Limdep Nlogit List] Box Cox in limdep

Gebben, David dgebben at rti.org
Tue Feb 2 06:15:34 AEDT 2016

Dear Colleagues,
I am trying to put together a model where I use the BoxCox (Bcl) command.  So far I my model looks like this:


    Choices= A,B;
            rhs = cpfs, cos, skin1, skin2, tired1, tired2,
           mode1, mode2, costinc, pfos;
            rh2= one, base;
            Tree = (A,B);
            pds =COUNTER;
            maxit = 500;
            tlg = .00001;
            Bcl= cpfs, cos, pfos

The results I get for some reason are not outputting the Box-Cox transformation parameters.  I really just want the clogit output with the Box-Cox transformation parameters since the model I am running is not a true nested logit.

Many thanks,

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