[Limdep Nlogit List] Memory allocation problem

William Greene wgreene at stern.nyu.edu
Sat Oct 9 05:39:52 EST 2010

Herbert. You can allocate more memory than you need on your
machine.  (I just allocated 150 megabytes on my own 32 bit 2 GB machine).
Go to Tools:Options/Projects.  Allocate 15 million cells for
your project. Click OK, then Exit NLOGIT.  Restart nlogit.  Before
you read your data, give the command ROWS;193000$  Then read your
data.  I'd note, you do not need 500 megabytes of memory.
For your data set, you need about 75 megabytes. You should allocate
more so that you have room to create new variables, but 500 
megabytes is a huge waste of space.
/Bill Greene

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Dear Limdep listers,

In short my problem is that I cannot change the number of columns allowed in the data area and I cannot allocate enough memory to the program so that given the current number of columns setting, I get enough number of observations to hold my data. Of course I have enough free memory on my machine, running Win 7 Home Premium 64bit (i7 920, 9G RAM).
More specifically, I have a dataset that have about 50 variables and 193000 observations, which means I have to increase the allocated memory to load the dataset. However, I’ve never been able to successfully allocate more than about 1000M memory. Sometimes I have to restart the system or nlogit several times to allocate more than 500M memory. When I say I cannot allocate memory the error message reads: NLOGIT could not allocate sufficient memory for the data area, so it has reset the data area to 200000 cells. But I have ample free memory (at least 6G) on the computer. A strange issue is that I believe that I’ve read in the documentation saying by changing the number of observations in the allocating memory dialog box, I can change the number of columns in the data area. Currently on my machine the number of columns is set to 900 and both the textbox showing number of observations and number of columns are greyed out, meaning that I cannot change the number displayed there. All I can change is how much memory to allocate.

Does anyone know how to get around this problem? Also, is there a 64bit version of NLOGIT? If not, will it come out soon?



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