[Limdep Nlogit List] Read matrix / sample statistics of matrix columns

William Greene wgreene at stern.nyu.edu
Fri Nov 5 10:10:19 EST 2010

Steven. Your matrix is already a matrix.  The page you mention in
the manual shows how to read a data set from the editor into a matrix.  
The ;MATRIX=Longly says that the data read will be placed in a matrix
named longley.  Your READ command below takes data that are already
a matrix and tries to read them into another matrix, though 
unfortunately, it tries to put MYX into itself.  There are a couple
ways to get the means and standard deviations of a matrix.  You
can move the matrix to the data area, such as
Create ; MYX1=-999;MYX2=-999;MYX3=-999$
Namelist ; MYXV=MYX1,MYX2,MYX3$
Create ; MYXV=MYX$
Now you can use DSTAT to describe the data.  On the other hand, it
seems it would be much easier just to create the random data as
variables to begin with.
/B. Greene

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Page R12-44 of the Reference Guide suggests a way to read a matrix as 
a data file. I could not read a matrix properly; see error message below.

What I need is to calculate sample means and standard deviations for 
each column of a matrix. Is there a convenient way to do this? Thanks.


--> calc   ;nr=5 ;nc=3 $
--> matrix ;list ;myx=rndm(nr,nc) $

Matrix MYX      has  5 rows and  3 columns.
                1             2             3
        1|    -.10830       .97037       .22962
        2|    -.71564       .95221     -1.13377
        3|    -.49604      -.24165      -.27317
        4|     .50904      -.98409     -2.31595
        5|    -.14872     -1.35394      1.01877
--> read   ;rows=10 ;cols=5 ;matrix=myx $
   Error     9: READ - error or end of file occurs while reading data set.
   Error   327: Closing command file to prevent reading data as command

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