[Limdep Nlogit List] Problem creating *.lpj in Stat Transfer 10

james benson jbenson at ssc.wisc.edu
Fri Jan 15 14:19:59 EST 2010

Has anyone had trouble using Stat Transfer 10 (ST10) to create Limdep 
project files?
When using ST10 to create a "new" project file, I end up with only a 
subset of variables that LIMDEP can use. All of the variables are listed 
in the variables list, but many of them are not recognized by LIMDEP, 
even for simple descriptive statistics. When I compare the "new" project 
file to an "old" one I created 8 months ago, from the same exact source 
file, but using a previous version of ST, I have no problems. The only 
thing that is different is the Stat Transfer version.

One thing I notice is that in the variables list, all of the variable 
names are upper case in my "old" project files, and the only variables 
in the "new" project files that will produce descriptive statistics are 
the variables with upper-case letters in the variable list.

Any ideas?


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