[Limdep Nlogit List] Error components model

Thijs Internet thijsinternet at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 18 00:55:04 EST 2010

Dear all,


In estimating error components models NLOGIT imposes a
normal distribution with mean 0 and variance to be
estimated. This process can be mimicked by a standard rpl specification using
beta(n,*,0). I’m interested in an error components model based on a uniform
distribution with mean and domain [-h,h]. However, using beta(u,*,0) sets the
mean equal to the spread such that the domain actually becomes [-2h,0]. Is there a way
to fix the mean of the uniform distribution at 0 in NLOGIT?


Thanks for your support!

With kind regards,


Thijs Dekker

PhD researcher


for Environmental Studies 

Faculty of Earth and
Life Sciences 

University AmsterdamThe Netherlands

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