[Limdep Nlogit List] Errors when calculating covariance matrices

Steven Yen syen at utk.edu
Wed Aug 25 06:47:47 EST 2010


I had error messages while calculating the covariance matrix in two 
occasion. My "x" contains 12 variables:
name   ;x=one,d,age,income,age2,income2,excel,vgood,fpoor,male,white,highschl $

While requesting sample covariance with

dstat  ;rhs=x ;output=1 $

sample statistics (means, standard deviations, min, max, etc) are 
reported, but NOT the covariance matrix. The error message says:

Dialog Error Message:
"Failed to create object,. Make sure the application is entered in 
the system registry."

I click "OK" and get another message:
"Out of memory."

Requesting the covariance matrix of OLS estimates encountered the same problem:
regr   ;lhs=y ;rhs=x $
matrix ;list ;vb=varb $

This occurred with student computers in which the hard drives are 
write-protected. The above worked properly (with no errors) in some 
computers, but not with others.

Please help. Thanks.

Steven T. Yen
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