[Limdep Nlogit List] "maximum iteration" and "EFF command" in frontier model

Bo Kim bo_kim at live.com
Wed Sep 30 06:54:58 EST 2009



I run Battese and Coelli(1995) model in the stochastic frontier model.


I have two questions.



In the BC model, the command, ";Maxit = 100" does not work.

The maximum iteration always reach 51.




the command ";Eff = u" does not work, and thus I cannot create the variable 'u' after regression.


Are these some technical errors in Limdep, or Are these commands not allowed in the stochatic frontier model?


I coded it as follows.


sample ;all$
frontier ;Lhs=Y; Rhs = t, X1, X2;
  ;model = BC
  ;pds = T
  ;rh2 = one, X3, X4

  ;maxit = 100




Since, BC model is not truely panel data model, I tried the following alternative using Truncated normal.

After regressing, u gives all the same value, so that I can't calculate Technical efficiency as " TE (it) = exp(-u(it)). 

Here, "(it)" is for panel specification.



sample ;all$
frontier ;Lhs=Y; Rhs = t, X1, X2;
  ;model = T
  ;rh2 = one, X3, X4




I appreciate any replies.

Thank you.






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