[Limdep Nlogit List] problem with "Help" in LIMDEP

Jiang, Frank fjiang at ivey.uwo.ca
Fri Mar 27 12:29:35 EST 2009

Dear all, 


I wonder if anyone experienced similar problems when LIMDEP was first
installed.  I just installed LIMDEP 9.0 but had problem using HELP. The
following message pops up when I click "Help Topics" in the "Help" menu.


"Cannot find or load the file RoboEx32.dll.  This file should be copied
to C:\WINDOWS\system32 or a director in your PATH."


I have absolutely no idea what it meant. If I ignore the message by
clicking the "OK" button, then the Help window will appear with another
message box:


"An error exists in this Help file. Contact your application vendor for
an updated Help file. (1024)"


Again I am completely clueless.  BTW, the same problem occurs on my
WINDOWS XP desktop and WINDOWS VISTA laptop. 





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