[Limdep Nlogit List] import problem?

William Greene wgreene at stern.nyu.edu
Thu Mar 26 13:31:02 EST 2009

Kandice: Chances are that is not the problem. But, just to find
out, try moving the file to the top directory (C:\) on your comouter, then
just open it with c:\file.xls.
Also, you can read a .xls file by using Project:Import/Variables off the
menu, and using a mini-explorer to locate and read the data file. This
may help get you past the problem.
/Bill Greene

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Subject: [Limdep Nlogit List] import problem?

Hi everyone -

I think this is a fairly obvious question, but I needed to check and I am
having trouble find the 'exact' information I need.

I'm trying to import an excel file into LimDep and I keep getting ERROR 9:
READ - error or end of file occurs while reading data set.

I have changed the matrix amount so there is enough room (I have
20+variables and 5000 observations), but I think the way that the data
directory is written might be the problem.  I'm accessing LimDep through a
network of sorts so the directory is written similar to this:
file = \\enclave.local\research\...\kleiber-kandice\my_docs\file.xls; ... $

I'm afraid the trouble might be in the '\\' or in the '-' with my name.  Can
anyone confirm so I can figure out how to get around this directory name?

Thanks so much!
Kandice Kleiber

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