[Limdep Nlogit List] Standard Errors of Marginal Effects

David Tufte tufte at suu.edu
Thu Mar 19 12:14:30 EST 2009

I am starting to use NLogit 4.0, and am confused.

I've been rerunning old files (from LimDep 7) to see how things work.

The file that's giving me the problem has commands like this:

        Ordered;Marginal Effects; ... $

They run fine, and do produce marginal effects, but not the standard errors of marginal effects.

I changed these to this form:

        Oprobit;Marginal Effects; ... $

My understanding of the manual is that this should generate both marginal effects and their standard errors. I am not getting the latter. 

My results look like those on pgs. N8-7 through N8-9 in the manuals, with page N8-8 missing.

There are no error messages.



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