[Limdep Nlogit List] how to replicate the WTP_I values in RPL model?

scolombo at ugr.es scolombo at ugr.es
Tue Mar 17 03:18:03 EST 2009

Dear all,

I am estimating individual WTP in a RPL model. I used the command WTP
=attribute a / cost. Both attributes are specified as random: attribute A
is normal, cost is triangular)

I observed that the individual WTP is not the simple division of the
individual coefficient of attribute A and cost. In the manual it is
explained that the coefficient and standard deviation of each individual
is the mean and standard deviation of the conditional distribution of each
individual (that is , the distribution obtained by considering all the
people who did the same choices (I do not allow for heterogeneity in the
mean, neither in the variance of the error)).

I would like to replicate (or at least get very close)the WTP values of
the matrix WTP_I.
My question is:  Do I obtain the same individual WTP if I average the
ratio between a draw from the normal distribution of attribute A (I have
for each individual his own beta and standard deviation) and a draw from
the tringular distribution of the cost attribute?

I hope that it is clear what I woulld like to do. Did anybody do something

Many thanks in advance for any advises.


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