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Dear Mr. James.  Continuing ...
Given that neither of the LHS variables appears on the RHS of these
equations, you probably don't need NL3SLS; nonlinear least squares
will suffice. But, if any of x2,x3 or x4 are endogenous, you'd need
5 instruments for the 5 parameters. If, say, it is x2, then you have
ONE,X3,X4, but you'd need two others.  You need at least one moment
equation for each parameter being estimated.  The shortage of instruments
is what is causing he singularity. The program is trying to invert a
5x5 matrix based only two instruments - it has rank 2.
/Bill Greene

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Dear limdep listers,

Am pretty new to limdep so kindly excuse my silly questions and mistakes. Am
trying to estimate a nonlinear system of equations using the NLSUR command
for NL3SLS exemplified as follows:

NLSUR   ;Lhs = lnY, lnfert_d
        ;Fn1 = a1 + a2*x2 + a3*x3
        ;Fn2 = -Log(a2) + b1*x3 + b2*x4
        ;Labels = a1, a2, a3, b1, b2
        ;Start = 0, 1, 0, 0, 0
        ;Inst = x3, x4$

Whenever I try to run this estimation I get the following error messages
"Error   143: Models - estimated variance matrix of estimates is singular"
"Error   447: Current estimated covariance matrix for slopes is singular"

Where could the mistake be?

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