[Limdep Nlogit List] mnl with constant

André Markemann markeman at uni-hohenheim.de
Sat Aug 22 02:53:40 EST 2009

Dear all


I try to estimate a simple mnl for a choice task layout with two animal
profiles (alt1 and alt2) and an opt (no buy) alternative.

I would like to obtain one constant term for both of the profiles and one
constant for the opt out.

However, including ONE as the ASC, I get two constants for alt1 and alt2,


The code would look similar to this 


CREATE ; J = Trn(-3,0)$

crea; if(j=1) alt1=1; if(j=2) alt2=1; if(j=3) sq=1$






;choices=alt1,alt2,no buy

;Rhs= DIA17,DIA21,DIA25,c1,PA2,PA3,PA4,T80,T120,TE2,TE3,PRICE,sq$


How do I compute a constant for the alternatives alt1 and alt2?




André, Germany.





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