[Limdep Nlogit List] Fixed effects model: Limdep-code for p-valueoutput per group

sshreay at mail.wsu.edu sshreay at mail.wsu.edu
Tue Jul 15 07:08:51 EST 2008

Dear Dr Green and other LIMDEP users,

I am trying to run Survival analysis with time varying covariates. So I
have a duration column (I took log of this) and then I used the following

Survival;lhs=logd;rhs=one;pds=xc;model=weibull $

So logd is log of my duration variable and pds=xc is time varying
covariate. For each observation I have 102 values for time varying
covariate so I arranged my data in a panel. So when I run my model using
the above command I get the following error message.

Error   559: Data error. Individual     0 T0=  66.0 T1=  66.0

To my understanding the first 102 rows in my data corresponds to duration
value of 66 since I created a panel for time varying covariate. What
should I do so that LIMDEP understands that first 102 values correspond to
first observation? Anyways I took log so it should have shown log of 66
instead of 66 in my error?

Sanatan Shreay
PhD student,
Washington State University

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