[Limdep Nlogit List] Imports but will not READ anymore

Durham, Cathy cathy.durham at oregonstate.edu
Wed Dec 31 08:08:20 EST 2008

I'm having an unfamiliar problem. While using old programs my read
commands aren't working, I get an;

  Error     9: READ - error or end of file occurs while reading data
message. For some reason I did have to change my project settings which
had reverted to the original.
However I can read these files in perfectly well using the drop down
through projects-import file. These are all older excel files not Vista
and they used to work fine. Just prior to these read attempts I did try
to read some .raw files that a student had been able to successfully
import on what was also Limdep 8.0. But that didn't work either. Could
something have been impacted by this?
Any advice appreciated, because importing them is a pain.

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