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Raimund Bau raimund.bau at rwth-aachen.de
Thu Apr 17 16:44:21 EST 2008


I think your problem could be the maximum line length of 80 characters in
the lines that contain the names. For example in


the first three lines in foo.txt should be no longer than 80 characters. The
size of the observations should pose no problem in general as I have
imported much bigger datasets.


2008/4/17, Tomas Nilsson <tknilsso at gmail.com>:
> Hi NLOGIT users,
> I've a dataset with ~70,000 observations and ~50 variables. The
> dataset is created in MS Access. I've exported the table as a text
> file (tried all possible file formats; even through SAS: first import
> then export as text file). I've been trying to import the dataset into
> Nlogit 4.0.1. The problem is that only ~20 variables are imported.
> I've adjusted the memory via Tools -> options and Project -> settings,
> but still not successful. Any advice?
> Thanks,
> Tomas
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