[Limdep Nlogit List] MNL with Scanner Panel Data

Jay K jk5212 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 9 12:53:36 EST 2007

I am struggling with the scanner panel data.

The scanner panel data has total 432 people and 3 choices for 2 years.
There are different number of purchase incidences for each person.
I want to put a dummy variable PG about whether the brand has product lines
for men(0) and women(1). And, I put Price and Promotion variable.
 Could anyone know how to code for MNL model in limdep?
Here is the code that I tried.
The dependent variable mode is the 3 rows for each purchase incidences.

nlogit; lhs=mode
; rhs= one, price, promo, PG
; choices = A, B, C
; crosstab$

I guess this code does not consider 'time'.  I mean some people bought 5
times for 2 years, while some other people bought 21 times for 2 years.
Also, do I have to put PG under the code like 'rh2=PG'?

 Please help me.
Thank you.

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