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William Greene wgreene at stern.nyu.edu
Thu Nov 22 03:40:55 EST 2007

Bob.  Two problems with the command: 
(1) Don't repeat function
names on the LHS. You can only define P1 once. 
| P1   = sew/(se*se)*(hearn-bx)+gz
(2) the one that
caused the ticket: The If(statement) is not supported in that
construction.  You are trying to bound the results of the prior
computations to prevent the program from taking the log of zero,
which makes sense.  I do not believe the compiler for MAXIMIZE
supports a Min or Max function (looks like maybe it should), 
but I think you can get the result you need without doing too
much damage to the function by using log(PhiA+.00001) and
Log(1.000001 - PhiA) and log(ge+.000001) or something like that.
It might be worth experimenting along these lines - trying it
first without any correction - to see how it performs.
This is a problem that comes up sometimes, and seems to be worth
looking into.
Bill Greene

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Greetings all,
The following subfunction is followed by an error message, also included:
maximize; fcn = bx   = b0 + b1*hage + b2*heduc
    | gz   = g0 + g1*wearn + g2*child + g3*unem
    | P1   = sew/(se*se)
    | P1   = P1*(hearn-bx)
    | P1   = gz + P1
    | P2   = 1 - (sew*sew)/(se*se)
    | P3   = sqr(P2)
    | PhiA = Phi(P1/P3)
    | ge   = (N01((hearn - bx)/se))/se
    | if(PhiA<0.001) PhiA=0.001
    | if (PhiA>0.999) PhiA=0.999
    | if(ge<0.001) ge=0.001
    | L1   = log(PhiA)
    | L2   = log(1-PhiA)
    | L3   = log(ge)
    | dummy*(L1 + L3) + (1-dummy)*(L2 + L3);
    labels = b0,b1,b2,g0,g1,g2,g3,se,sew;
    start =  43.6,-0.25,8.07,1.35,0.01,-0.34,0.01,20,0.10$
Error:   572: Expected subfunction name to appear in FCN=....
--> Stop$
Does anyone know the cure for this error?
Thanks in advance.
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