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Dear Ron

At present, the current options available are to either use SAS or write
your own code. David Hensher and I along with some colleagues in Europe
are developing experimental design software which will be complementary
to Nlogit however this is some months off completion. We are also
running courses in experimental design construction in February 2007 in
Australia, demonstrating how to generate your own orthogonal or
efficient experimental designs, including Bayesian methods of design
construction. The course is very practical with half the time spent in
the computer lab where teaching how to construct these designs from
first principles, using Excel. If there is enough demand, we are happy
to take the course over seas even.

John Rose

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Dear Limdep and Nlogit List Members,

What software is available for the production of experimental
experimental designs for choice tasks?

I am aware of Kuhfeld's %ChoicEff and associated macros in SAS, however,
they require several SAS Suites which attract rather high annual rental

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