[Limdep Nlogit List] Panel Analysis _Help please?

Laurence Lester Laurence.Lester at flinders.edu.au
Tue Feb 21 20:30:59 EST 2006

I am using a fixed effects Panel model on gamblers data. Unbalance with
1) In the fixed model, time invariants 'fall out'. Specifically gender and
problem or recreational gamblers. Am I right in saying that such time invariant
attriutes are 'captured' the Alpha i's?

2) I have added time effects and it is significant. Could this be telling me
that the refreshment individuals may not be from the same population?

3) Could somebody PLEASE tell me where in the limdep manual (v8 if possible but
inf not v6 or v7) I can find some informatin on the contents of the saved
matrices. Specifically: Beta_i and Slopes. I am sure I have seen it but now
cant find it.

Any help would help.

NILS, Flinders University, Adelaide, SA

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