[GPlates-discuss] Information on Salado Subplate

Sabin Zahirovic sabin.zahirovic at sydney.edu.au
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Hi Daiane,

The geometry for the Salado Subplate can be found in an older version of the GPlates sample data (accompanying GPlates 0.9.1), but have it attached to this e-mail.

Some other helpful papers include:

Nürnberg, Dirk, and R. Dietmar Müller. "The tectonic evolution of the South Atlantic from Late Jurassic to present." Tectonophysics 191.1 (1991): 27-53.

And perhaps this one:

Torsvik, Trond H., et al. "A new scheme for the opening of the South Atlantic Ocean and the dissection of an Aptian salt basin." Geophysical Journal International 177.3 (2009): 1315-1333.

Hope that helps.



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Subject: [GPlates-discuss] Information on Salado Subplate


My name is Daiane, from PUCRS University, Brazil, and I am working with Seton's et al. dataset.
I would like to ask you if it would be possible to send me or tell me where I could find the full shape of Salado subplate, since it does not appear in the figures from the paper and so far we could only find its Euler Poles:

290     0.000   0.0000    0.0000    0.0000  202 !  SSS-PRB Salado Subplate-Parana Basin
290   126.700   0.0000    0.0000    0.0000  202 !  SSS-PRB Nuernberg & Mueller 1991
290   131.700 -32.2000  -64.5000    0.7300  202 !  SSS-PRB Nuernberg & Mueller 1991
290   149.500 -32.2000  -64.5000    1.1800  202 !  SSS-PRB Nuernberg & Mueller 1991
290   600.000 -32.2000  -64.5000    1.1800  202 !  SSS-PRB Nuernberg & Mueller 1991

and a small line on the coast on GPlates plotted data (not the full polygon).

Thank you,


Daiane Hemerich
MSc Student in Computer Science
daiane.hemerich at acad.pucrs.br<mailto:daiane.hemerich at acad.pucrs.br>
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