[GPlates-discuss] "Fill polygons" question

Michael Landis mlandis at berkeley.edu
Wed Nov 6 13:17:54 AEDT 2013


I would like to apply the "Fill polygons" option to the 
Seton_etal_ESR2012_Coastlines_2012.1.gpmlz layer that is included with 
GPlates 1.3. When I check the box, nothing happens, however it works 
correctly for the Seton_etal_ESR2012_StaticPolygons_2012.1.gpmlz layer. 
What's also strange is the "Fill polylines" option partially fills the 
continents for the Coastlines layer but does nothing when applied to the 
StaticPolygons layer.

Should both options work for both layers? Maybe the different layers use 
different graphical objects, each of which requires a different fill 

I'm new to GPlates and am very impressed with it so far. Any help 
generating filled continents would be appreciated!


Michael Landis
Graduate Student
Huelsenbeck Lab
Department of Integrative Biology
University of California, Berkeley
mlandis at berkeley.edu

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