[Geodynamics] EGU session on Thermochemical imaging of the mantle: from observables to modelling

Bernhard Steinberger bstein at gfz-potsdam.de
Mon Jan 6 23:40:13 AEDT 2020

Dear colleagues,

We would like to draw your attention to the session *GD2.3- 
/_Thermochemical imaging of the mantle: from observables to 
modelling_/***at the EGU General Assembly 2020 in Vienna and hope that 
you will consider submitting an abstract to this session. The abstract 
submission deadline is 15 Jan 2020.

Session description:*__*

/The thermochemical structure of Earth mantle is key information to 
better understand its dynamics and its evolution in time. In the last 20 
years, several approaches were suggested from seismological 
observations, experimental geophysics, and computational geochemistry to 
improve our understanding of the thermochemical structure beneath 
cratonic areas, subduction zones or mantle upwellings. The development 
of high-performance computational infrastructures (HPCI) and new 
algorithms to manage the processing of big data brings new opportunities 
to produce high-resolution images and a better understanding of mantle 
dynamics. This session wishes to bring together contributions from 
experimental geophysics and computational geochemistry to large scale 
geodynamics, which is aimed at imaging and modelling thermochemical 
structure on different time scales. Presentations of new methods 
combining multiple observations of geophysical and geochemical datasets 
with regional to global geophysical modelling are particularly encouraged/.”

Solicited speaker:  Saskia Goes (Imperial College, London)

With best regards

Walid Ben Mansour

Laura Cobden

Bernhard Steinberger

EGU continues to strongly encourage participants to travel to Vienna by 
train in order to reduce CO2 emissions.


Please follow this encouragement if possible!
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