[Geodynamics] EGU 2020 Session on Lithospheric localization processes across scales (GD9/TS2)

Lukas Fuchs lufuchs at geophysik.uni-frankfurt.de
Wed Nov 20 01:41:09 AEDT 2019

**Apologies for cross-posting** 

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite you tosubmit an abstract to our session at 
the EGU General Assembly (May 3-7, 2020)entitled“Lithospheric 
localization processes across scales: from fault dynamics to plate 
boundary formation and evolution” (GD9/TS2).

description: https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/23JxCJyp0qhGL0D7tVZXlK?domain=meetingorganizer.copernicus.org 

Conveners: Lukas Fuchs, Maëlis Arnould, Whitney Behr, Eline Le Breton.

This year’s keynote speakeris Manon Bickert, IPGP, France.

In the Plate Tectonics theory, Earth’s lithosphere is described as a 
rigid outermost shell deforming over long timescales along narrow 
boundaries, that play a central role in our Planet’s thermal and dynamic 
evolution. Understanding the modalities of strain localization in the 
lithosphere and its failure are therefore essential to describe the 
formation and evolution of plate boundaries, fault zones and other 
mechanical heterogeneities. This requires knowledge of localization 
processes at both micro- and macro-physical scales, the analysis of 
their dynamics over various time scales, and involves complementary 
inputs from geological and seismic observations, laboratory experiments 
and numerical and analog modeling.

We welcome multidisciplinary contributions that will collaboratively 
help to build a unified view on the dynamical evolution of lithospheric 
localization processes. Example topics include but are certainly not 
limited to the study of variations in lithospheric properties deduced 
from mineralogical, petrological or geological data, and of the 
implication of lithospheric anomalieson the dynamics of fault zonesand 
the formation and evolution of plate marginsin nature or in models.

Important Deadlines and Milestones:

- Deadline for support applications: December 1st, 2019 

- Deadline for abstract submission: January 15th, 2020

- Early-registration/letters of invitation/childcare requests: March 
31st, 2020

More general information on the conference:


Looking forward to meeting you in Vienna!


Lukas, Maëlis, Whitney and Eline


Lukas Fuchs

Institut für Geowissenschaften - Facheinheit Geophysik - Goethe Universität Frankfurt

Lukas Fuchs 
<https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/_y_wCL7rK8txMEZJFP6ZIb?domain=lukasfuchs.wordpress.com> <lufuchs at geophysik.uni-frankfurt.de 
<mailto:lufuchs at geophysik.uni-frankfurt.de>>
Postdoctoral Fellow
Institute for Geosciences, Department of Geophysics
Johann-Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt

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