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Dear colleagues,

We would like to call your attention on the *14th International Lithosphere
Program (ILP) Task Force Sedimentary Basins 2019* conference, from *15th-19th
October in Hévíz, Hungary.*  The main topic of the conference is
the multi-scale formation and evolution of orogens and sedimentary basins'*.
This year, we dedicated the meeting to the memory of Frank Horváth. Covered
topics are as follows:

Topic 1: Dynamics of sedimentary basins and the underlying lithosphere
Topic 2: Tectonic control of sedimentation and dynamics of landscape
Topic 3: Links between orogens and sedimentary basins
Topic 4: Volcanism and related processes at all scales
Topic 5: Analogue and numerical modelling – crustal and lithospheric
Topic 6: Groundwater flow modelling
Topic 7: Mineral-, hydrocarbon- and geo-thermal resources
Topic 8: Geohazards

The  early bird registration is open till 26th April.

Student travel grant is available.

*Registration, submission and more information*: *https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/vTxrCmOxDQtV9vwqsGJxfW?domain=ilp19.webnode.hu

Hope to see you there,

Organising committee  (László Fodor, Szilvia Kövér, Attila Balázs, Liviu

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