[Geodynamics] EGU TS4.1.: Actio-Reactio: from subducting slabs to shaping the surface

SCHLIFFKE, NICHOLAS J. nicholas.j.schliffke at durham.ac.uk
Mon Jan 8 20:48:01 AEDT 2018

Dear colleagues,

As you might know from your flooded e-mail inbox, the abstract submission deadline for the EGU General Assembly 2018 is approaching fast!

We want to call your attention to the session TS4.1: Actio-Reactio; from subducting slabs to shaping the surface.


The aim of our session is to bridge the gap between model predictions and observations by quantifying the surface response to plate deformation and mantle dynamics (and vice versa).
We invite scientists from a wide range of disciplines (geodynamics, geochemistry, geology, geomorphology, climatology...) with diverse research areas and approaches (eg: field work, numerical & physical modelling) to improve our understanding on the interplay between deep and surface processes on convergent margin topography.

As keynote speakers, we count on the presence of:
Jeremy Caves (ETH Zurich)
“Tracking interactions of the westerly jet and topography: uplift of the Tian Shan and Altai “

João C. Duarte (Lisbon University)
“Geodynamic physical models of subduction with an overriding plate and an interplate rheology “

We look forward to your submissions until Wednesday the 10th of January 2018.


The conveners:
Nico Schliffke, Malwina San José, Carlos Fernandez Garcia, Jessica Munch & Joost v. d. Broek

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