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Dear geodynamics colleagues,

please see below Chris Jackson's email to the Geo-Tectonics list below regarding the "ArXiv for Earth sciences" (a.k.a. EarthArXive) preprint server.


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> Subject: EarthArXiv - a preprint server for the Earth Sciences
> Hi All,
> Sorry for the long message, but the information and request may be of
> interest to some of the TSG membership. Please grab a cup of tea and some
> biscuits, and read on...
> A preprint is a version of a scholarly paper that precedes publication in
> a peer-reviewed journal. The preprint may persist with it’s own unique DOI
> after a paper is published in a journal. A preprint server is a platform
> built to host preprints.
> While a preprint server related to physics, mathematics and computer
> science has been around for decades (https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/xMnXB1UlOMxqhD?domain=arxiv.org), preprint servers have only
> recently become available for other science disciplines such as biology
> (https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/M41aBLUVJb59hr?domain=biorxiv.org). Major funders, including the
> German Science Foundation (DFG), Wellcome Trust, the Medical Research
> Council (MRC), and Cancer Research, now accept preprints in support of
> funding applications. Given this, and the desire amongst researchers to
> accelerate sharing and use of research material, we believe the time is
> right to enable a preprint service for the Earth sciences - EarthArXiv.
> A group of international volunteers has gathered through the Earth Science
> Information Partners (https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/Ov16Blfz087Gf4?domain=esipfed.org)  help coordinate an effort
> to build a community-led preprint service for the Earth sciences. ESIP is
> a community of organizations dedicated to realize solutions for the
> science use of Earth data. We have been approached by the Center for Open
> Science (https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/9OVQB5UM4Qa8Cz?domain=cos.io), a non-profit organization focused
> on open, reproducible research, to partner with them and use their
> preprint server platform. Now we need to build awareness of the existence
> and benefits of EarthArXiv. By combining our efforts into a common
> preprint service we can grow this more quickly and realize its potential
> that much sooner for all Earth scientists. Thus, there are two aspects to
> advancing EarthArXiv: 1) providing a physical preprint infrastructure for
> all Earth science domains not currently publishing preprints elsewhere;
> and 2) bringing together all interested parties, regardless of where they
> publish preprints, to discuss topics surrounding scholarly publishing.
> If you are interested in learning more about EarthArXiv, please contact me
> directly and/or complete a brief form
> https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/lqmYBbSX49DdFd?domain=docs.google.com. 
> Please note that the
> additional data requested on the form will help us collectively ensure our
> governance is as diverse as the community we wish to serve.
> At present we are looking for an Advisory Council, of 15 people, to
> oversee the technical, administrative, and roadmapping issues of
> publishing preprints. We are also looking for any number of Community
> Ambassadors who are willing to promote EarthArXiv to their respective
> communities. After ensuring for the desired level of diversity, a random
> sample of 15 Advisory Council members will be chosen; this committee will
> be expected to, amongst other tasks: (i) monitor content submitted to
> EarthArXiv; (ii) work with OSF to establish the taxonomic structure and
> overall look of EarthArXiv; (iii) coordinate future efforts to obtain
> funding and/or endorsements for EarthArXiv from professional societies;
> and (iv) work with OSF to develop future functionality for EarthArXiv .
> The remaining folks will become Community Ambassadors, serving the
> community by: 1) promoting EarthArXiv in their home institutions,
> communities, and countries via social media, presentations, etc,; 2)
> moderate content submitted to EarthArXiv and which falls outside of the
> immediate area of expertise of the committee; and 3) work with Earth
> science publishers and funders to accept preprints as a valid step in the
> publishing pipeline. We anticipate that Advisory Council members will
> serve a 2-year term.
> Thanks for your support!
> On behalf of the EarthArXiv, ESIP, and OSF team,
> Chris Jackson (Imperial College)
> Twitter: @EarthArXiv
> Slack:
> https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/z4nRBmULK05WC2?domain=esip-all.slack.com and look for the
> #earth-sci-preprint-ch channel. Here is your INVITATION
> https://protect-au.mimecast.com/s/rNKaBYfD8pRVhO?domain=esip-slack-invite.herokuapp.com

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